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Blair and Elizabeth Rodger

My great-great grandfather Peter2 (son of Peter1 and grandson of John) was born April 27, 1806 and died March 6, 1888.

According to Winnie's letter, Peter2 was a weaver in Scotland, weaving Paisley shawls. Work became scarce and at the request of of his uncle Robert Blair (who had come to Barnet VT) Peter came to America. After spending some time with his uncle Robert he went to Lowell MA where he continued his trade weaving for a time. There he met Elizabeth Rodger who he married. Finally Peter and Elizabeth came to Goshen Gore (Stannard) VT and settled on a place where there was a log house and about four acres of cleared land. That place was where the Cargills lived just above your home (Peter Blair & Etta Pratt).

The problem with this account is that Robert died May 21, 1821. Peter2 was only 15 years old at the time of Robert's death, so it is unlikely his uncle Robert was the one Peter came to stay with. More likely it was one of Robert's sons.

According to Winnie's letter, on the ship that Peter2 came to America on was William Rodger who went to Greensboro VT. William told his mother (Agnes) and sister (Elizabeth) that when he got settled in America he would send for them. Tired of waiting for the word, they went to America to find William. When they got to Greensboro William had already moved to Lowell MA where Peter also was. Elizabeth and her mother followed William to Lowell and Peter and Elizabeth met. Elizabeth did not know Peter in Scotland but she has said that when she was waiting to see her brother leave on the ship, she remembers seeing Peter leaning against the ship eating a biscuit.

Peter2 and Elizabeth had 4 children, Elizabeth, William, Agnes, and Peter3 (my great grandfather).

Winnie's letter has their dates of birth as:

Elizabeth April 21, 1836 in Lowell MA
William September 22, 1837 in Goshen Gore (Stannard) VT
Agnes October 12, 1840 in Goshen Gore (Stannard) VT
Peter November 09, 1842 in Goshen Gore (Stannard) VT

The 1850 Vermont Census contains the following information:

Co: Caledonia Tn\Twp:Goshen Gore pg 254 11\11
Blair, Peter, 44, m, farmer, Scotland [s/o Peter Blair and Elizabell Bell]
Blair, Elisabeth, 47, f, Scotland [Elisabeth Rodger]
Blair, Elisabeth, 14, f, Massachusetts(S) [m. Leonard Bradley]
Blair, William, 12, m, Vermont(S) [m. Emeline Smith]
Blair, Agnes, 10, f, Vermont(S) [m. Joseph Joslyn]
Blair, Peter, 8, m, Vermont(S) [m. Etta Mary Pratt]
Adams, Agnes, 70, f, Scotland [m/o Elisabeth Rodger

Group Sheet
Peter Blair and Elizabeth Rodger
(son of Peter Blair and Elizabeth Bell)
Peter Blair
Born: April 27, 1806 in: Stirling, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Christened: May 11, 1806 in: Stirling, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Married: May 29, 1835 in: Lowell, MA
Died: March 19, 1888 in: Goshen Gore (Stannard), Caledonia, VT
Buried: in: Goshen Gore (Stannard), Caledonia, VT
Father: Peter Blair
Mother: Elizabeth Bell
Occupation: Weaver
Elizabeth Rodger
Born: December 29, 1801 in: Nealston, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Christened: January 10, 1802 in: Nealston, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Died: December 31, 1891 in: Goshen Gore (Stannard), Caledonia, VT
Buried: in: Goshen Gore (Stannard), Caledonia, VT
Father: William Rodger
Mother: Agnes Adams
1 Name: Elizabeth Blair
F Born: April 21, 1836 in: Lowell, MA
Married November 04, 1863 in: Harwick, VT
Died: November 09, 1910 in: Goshen Gore (Stannard), Caledonia, VT
Buried: in: Goshen Gore (Stannard), Caledonia, VT
Spouse: Leonard Bradley
2 Name: William Blair
M Born: September 22, 1837 in: Goshen Gore (Stannard), Caledonia, VT
Married: October 08, 1862 in: Harwick, VT
Died: March 25, 1927 in: North Waden, Caledonia, VT
Buried: March 27, 1927 in: Goshen Gore (Stannard), Caledonia, VT
Spouse: Emeline Smith
3 Name: Agnes Blair
F Born: October 12, 1840 in: Goshen Gore (Stannard), Caledonia,VT
Married 1866 in:  
Died: January 12, 1924 in: Harwick, Caledonia, VT
Buried: in: East Harwick, Caledonia, VT
Spouse: Joseph Joslyn
4 Name: Peter Blair
M Born: November 09, 1842 in: Goshen Gore (Stannard), Caledonia, VT
Married January 01, 1880 in: Sheffield, Caledonia, VT
Died: June 04, 1930 in: Greensboro, Caledonia, VT
Buried: in: Westlock Cemetery, Glover, VT
Spouse: Etta Mary Pratt

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