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David Gilfillan Family

DAVID2 (William), b. Scotland, 1777. Came to America, 1794; m. March 11, 1802, Margaret, dau. Wm. Warden and settled en a farm on the Danville line now occupied be the family of the late James Lang. They cleared the land from the primeval forest and were pioneers indeed. He is described as a sturdy Scot of the old school. The Sabbath day was as sacred to him as life itself. As there were many Sabbaths when there was no preaching, "Society Meetings," as they were called were held at his house, "conducted with as much decorum and sanctity as any church service." He may well be described by another "an old father, somewhat back in the country, perhaps, square and solid as a block of granite, yet simple and kindly as the wild flowers that bloomed in his own meadow lands, an old father, honored by all who knew him for his truth, fidelity, piety, sympathy and good neighborliness, a steadfast servant of God." He d. Aug. 30, 1853.

He built a house of squared logs, clapboarded, which is still standing and comfortable, near the Danville line - farm owned for several years by James S. Lang, then by his son, Carl W. Lang, now by one Aldrich.

The sons of David GilfiIlan were born with the true pioneer spirit. Six of them went to Orleans Co. In early manhood and cleared hundreds of acres of land near Willoughby Lake.

             I. William3 b. 1803; d. May 1, 1874. Lived in Westmore. He m. Dec. 16, 1835, Jane Dixon, who d. Sept. 7, 1876. Six children.
II. David.3 b. 1805; never m.; d. Feb. 23, 1854.
(1) III. James,3 b. July, 1806; d. Oct. 10, 1887.
IV. Isabel,3 b. July 22, 1805; m. John Galbraith, q. v.
(2) V. Robertl,3 b. March 15. 1811; d. Sept. 29, 1897.
VI. Moses,3 b. Feb., 1813; never m.; d. Feb. 24, 1879.
(3) VII. Andrew.3 b. Jan., 1815; d. July 10, 1892.
(4) VIII.        John,3 b. Oct. 16, 1818 ; d. Feb. 8, 1900.
(1) JAMES3 (David,2 William1), b. Barnet, July, 1806. Farmer where John Bradley lives just over the Danville line. He m. March 11, 1835, Elspeth or Elsie, dau. Wm. Shearer (b. Jan. 4, 1815; d. Sept. 7, 1884). Members of Center Pres. Ch. Hard-working people, greatly respected. Rem. to Burke ab. 1868, where both are buried. He d. Oct, 16, 1887.
I. Wm. Henry,4 b. Danville, Dec. 29, 1835. Peddler, known far and wide as the "honest peddler." Democrat in politics and nominated for town representative, but was defeated. He d. March 5, 1907; buried at Barnet Center in his grandfather Wm. Shearer's lot.
II. Ellen Jannette4 b. Danville, Nov. 22, 1837; m. in Burke, June 30, 1874, Mortimer Coe. She d. Apr. 17, 1916. One daughter, Myrtie,5 b. Apr. 6, 1875; d. March 18, 1914. She m. March 28. 1895, Frank H. Orcutt (b. June 30, 1872) at Sutton, Vt.
Children all b. in Burke:
1. Raymond Coe6 (Orcutt), b. July 17, 1896; d. March 18, 1914.
2. Elsie Janette,6 b. Apr. 6, 1898; m. March 2, 1914, Melvin T. Goodwin, who d. Oct 18, 1918.
3. Reginald Franklin,6 b. June 19, 1904.
4. Edith Clarissa6 b. Jan. 6, 1909.
5. Robert Samuel,6 b. Aug. 30, 1912.
III. Gilbert James,4 b. Barnet, March 4, 1839. In California at different work 15 years, returning home to Burke, 1875. Town representative from Burke, 1896. Lister 20 years. He m. Feb. 24, 1876, Lucetta, dau. John Lang of Barnet.
1. Alice Winifred,5 b. Feb. 26, 1878. Educated Lyndon Institute. Taught 22 terms of school in Burke, Sutton, Wheelock and East Haven. She m. In Burke, Aug. 2, 1904, by Rev. G. W. Manning, James Alley Ramsdell of Lyndonville. Butter-maker at creamery, and she was bookkeeper. Member of Cong. Ch. at Lyndonville. She d. Apr. 6, 1906. One son, Malcolm Alanson,6 b. Burke, March 30, 1906.
2. Fred Ernest,5 b. Oct. 14, 1879. Educated Lyndon Institute. Farmer with his father.
(2) ROBERT3 (David,2 William1), b. March 15, 1811. One of the six brothers who went from Barnet to Brownington, where he m. by Rev. Alexander Twilight. June 14, 1841, Jeruslia, dau. -------- Aldrich (b. Swansey, N.H., June 9, 1812). Returned to Barnet, 1843, to care for his parents, later, rem. to a farm on the McLaren meadow at East Barnet, where Geo. Richardson lives. In 1867 he bought the Judge Dennison farm in Burke, where he d. Sept. 29, 1897. She d. at East Barnet, Nov. 27, 1908, having been blind ten years. They celebrated their golden wedding in 1891. She was the oldest person in town at death. They were highly esteemed and respected. Buried Barnet Center. They were members of the Congregational Church.
(5) I. Carlos,4 b. Nov. 5, 1841.
(6) II. Horace,4 b. May 26, 1843.
III. Elvira M.,4 b. Feb. 11, 1835; m. Nov. 17, 1873. Robert M. Brock, q. v.
IV. Lucinda S.,4 b. June 25, 1848; d. Apr. 28, 1854.
(7) V. Lucius E.,4 b. Apr. 1, 1851.
VI. Charles O.,4 b. Feb. 1, 1853; d. Feb. 1. 1554.
VII. Frank,4 b. Nov. 8, 1858; d. 1881
(3) ANDREW3 (David,2 William1), b. Barnet, 1815; nt. Feb. 24, 1846, Elizabeth, dart. Wm. Nelson 2nd, (b. Ryegate, Nov. 2, 1812; d. Oct. 7, 1891).They began housekeeping in a log cabin in Brownington where they lived seven years. One year in Hardwick. In Greensboro 11 years, owning the James Shaw farm there. In Barnet one year, renting the McPhee farm. Bought the Walter Buchanan farm near South Ryegate, where he d. July 10, 1892. He was a genial, kindly man, an excellent neighbor and still robust, vigorous and enterprising at death.
I. William Nelson.4 b. Brownington. June 7. 1847. Educated Peacham Academy. Teaching school winters. Farmer on homestead. He m. March 14, 1877. S. Elizabeth, dau. David T. Henderson. Mr. Gilfillan has held many positions of trust in town and church, and served most efficiently, as one of the committee in preparing the History of Ryegate. He has also rendered valuable service upon these records of the family in Barnet.
1. Irving Henry,5 b. Sept. 24, 1878. Farmer with his father; dealer in livestock, lumber, etc.
2. Bailey Henderson,5 b. Apr. 5, 1881; a very promising boy; d. Jan. 16, 1895.
(4) JOHN3 (David.2 William1), b. Barnet. Oct. 16. 1815; d. Feb. 8. 1900. Rem. to Brownington. Farmer. He m. in. Dec. 29, 1842, Susan Blodgett, who d. Feb. 23, 1891.
I. Ellen Maria,4 b. May 12, 1845; d. Jan. 21, 1849.
II. Clarence Eugene,4 b. June 5, I847; d. June 29, 1849.
III. Ethan B.,4 b. Barton, Vt., Sept, 14, 1849; d. Jan. 2. 1915.
IV. Frank L.,4 b. Brownington. Sept. 19, 1854; m. Lestina Davis. Children: Effie5 and Safford.5
V. Moses E.,4 b. May 17, 1864; m. Apr. 5 1893. Permelia C. Skinner.
1. Susan A..5 b. July 9. 1893.
2. Nye John,5 b. May 30, 1910.
(5) CARLOS4 (Robert,3 David,2 William1). b. Brownington. Nov. 5, 1841; m. lst. July 1. 1873. Mary A.. dart. Willard and Dorothy (Smith) Brockway of Burke b. Oct. 2. 1841 ; d. June 28. 1917. Farmer in Burke, also worked at bridge repairing for the B.&M. R.R. He m. 2nd. Jan. 24, 1917. Mrs. Hattie (Warden) James of Concord. Vt. (b. Barnet, May 25, 1845). Lives in Barnet Village.
(6) HORACE4 (Robert,3 David,2 William1), b. Barnet, May 26, 1843; m. Nov. 19, 1868, Ella M., dau. James Warden. With his father-in-law in rake manufacture. Rem. 1879 to Burke to care for aged parents. Res. there 19 years. Returned to Barnet. Members Cong. Ch. Celebrated golden wedding. Nov. 19, 1918; one person, Mrs. J. R. Galbraith who witnessed the original ceremony, being present.
Child: May C.,5 b. Peacham. Nov. 1, 1873. Graduated St. Johnsbury Academy, 1895. Teacher 5 years. Attended Normal School at Bridgewater, Mass. Teacher nearly 7 years at Chelsea. Mass., and for 6 years past at Springfield, Mass. Now Home Demonstration Agent of Caledonia Co.
(7) LUCIUS4 (Robert,3 David,2 William1) b. Barnet, Apr. 1, 1851; m. June 11, 1875, Ina M., dau. James and Huldah (Kinney) Clifford. Lived in Worcester, Mass., 7 years. Returned to Barnet. Merchant and postmaster at East Barnet; rem. to Barnet Village, 1907. In successful business there and postmaster several years. Members Cong. Ch., Barnet.
One daughter, Leslie M.,5 b. June 7, 1886. Educated at Johnsbury Academy and Business College, graduating 1907. She m. July 14, 1908, Dr. Sarnuel S. Baker of Ashland, N.H. Res. Woodsville, N.H.
1. Dorothy M.,6 b. Barnet. Oct. 24, 1910.
2. Samuel S.6 b. March 22, 1920.

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