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The Marriage database contains information on over 6,800 Blair marriages in Scotland between 1557 and 1899. Variations of the name Blair in the database include Blaier, Blair, Blaire, Blairlin, Blairuck, Blaith, Blare, Blaur, Blayr, Blear, Bleare, and Bleir.

The database can be searched by first name of the Blair marriage, spouse's first and/or last name, county, and/or parish.

Search Tips: The search will match names beginning with the letters you type in the appropriate name fields. If you type in "Robert" it will find all names beginning with Robert including Robert, Roberta, but NOT Rob. Use as few letters as necessary. Many first names are abbreviated. William may also be listed as Will, Wm, etc. County and parish are selected from a list. Counties are listed in alphabetical order and include the number of possible matches in [ ]. Parishes are listed in alphabetical order and include the number of possible matches in [ ] and the county { }.

Fill in as many of the fields as you wish. ALL entries you enter must be matched.

For best results click on the RESET button before filling in the form.

The information provided in this database was extracted from the LDS-FHC OPRs and  converted into a database for my personal use. During this conversion the data was manipulated to get it into a format suitable for my use. This data is provided for information purposes only. I make NO CLAIMS as to the accuracy of this information.

First Name Last Name BLAIR (or one of the variations)
Spouse's First Spouse's Last
Select County Select Parish

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