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1850 Census

The 1850 census the first to record the names of every person in the household. It included the following categories in the census: name; age as of the census day; sex; occupation; value of real estate; birthplace; color; whether married within the previous year; whether deaf, dumb, blind, or insane; whether a pauper; whether able to read or speak English; and whether the person attended school within the previous year. The official enumeration day was 1 June 1850.

Last Name First Age Sex Profession Value Place of Birth
Addison Goshen          
Blair Alex 26 m inn keeper   Vermont
Blair Sarah 24 f     Vermont
Blair Frank 4 m     Vermont
Blair Ella 1 f     Vermont
Addison Monkton          
Smith Lyman 54 m farmer 3,000 Vermont
Smith Fanny 48 f     Vermont
Smith Francis 22 f     Vermont
Blair Margaret 16 f     Canada
Wells Payolee 82 m     Connecticut
Addison Monkton          
Blair Mitchell 62 m none   Canada
Blair Bridget 61 f     Canada
Blair Moses 11 m     Vermont
Blair Louisia 9 f     Vermont
Addison Monkton          
Bears Lewis 38 m farmer 5,500 Massachusetts
Bears Amanda 38 f     Massachusetts
Bears Lewis 9 m     Massachusetts
Irish Hannah M. 15 f     Massachusetts
Miner Martha 26 f     Vermont
Hutchuson Richard 21 m student   Vermont
Ober Merrett H. 16 m student   Vermont
Spooner Harmon 26 m stonecutter   Vermont
Blair Flora 18 f     Canada
Bennington Shaftsbury          
Blair Mr. 40 m laborer   Vermont
Blair Olive 36 f     Vermont
Blair Elizabeth 10 f     Vermont
Blair Harriett 4 f     Vermont
Blair Benjamin 12 m     Vermont
Caledonia Barnet          
Blair Alex 24 (act 58) m farmer   Vermont
Blair Jean 51 f     Vermont
Blair Alex 24 m     Vermont
Blair Jane 22 f     Vermont
Blair John 19 m     Vermont
Blair William 17 m     Vermont
Blair Margaret 16 f     Vermont
Blair James 13 m     Vermont
Blair Helen 10 f     Vermont
Caledonia Barnet          
Blair John 65 m farmer 700 Vermont
Blair Agnes 62 f     Massachusetts
Blair Mary 37 f     Vermont
Blair Jannette 29 f     Vermont
Caledonia Barnet          
Blair Joseph 54 m farmer 3,000 Vermont
Blair Mariah 47 f     Vermont
Blair Jane 23 f     Vermont
Blair Robt. 22 m laborer   Vermont
Blair Gilbert 12 m     Vermont
Caledonia Barnet          
Blair Robert 39 m farmer 850 Vermont
Blair Nancy 31 f     Vermont
Blair Martha J. 10 f     Vermont
Blair Lydia M. 9 f     Vermont
Blair Julia 7 f     Vermont
Blair William J. 4 m     Vermont
Blair Emileen A. 2 f     Vermont
Caledonia Goshen Gore          
Blair Andrew 63 m farmer   Vermont
Blair Eliza 65 f     New Hampshire
Caledonia Goshen Gore          
Blair Joseph 32 m farmer 1,200 Vermont
Blair Susan 24 f     New York
Blair Mary 5 f     Vermont
Blair Susan 3 f     Vermont
Caledonia Goshen Gore          
Blair Peter 44 m     Scotland
Blair Elisabeth 47 f     Scotland
Blair Elisabeth 14 f     Massachusetts
Blair William 12 m     Vermont
Blair Agnes 10 f     Vermont
Blair Peter 8 m     Vermont
Adams Agnes 70 f     Scotland
Caledonia Goshen Gore          
Patch Joseph 24 m farmer   New Hampshire
Patch Jane A. 26 f     Vermont
Blair George 14 m     Scotland
Caledonia Hardwick          
Blair William 60 m farmer 3,500 Scotland
Blair Agnes 46 f     Vermont
Blair Walter 20 m     Vermont
Blair Eliza A. 18 f     Vermont
Blair Josephine V. 12 f     Vermont
Blair George W. 11 m     Vermont
Caledonia Hardwick          
Rope John S. 45 m farmer 3,000 Vermont
Rope Eliza 42 f     Vermont
Rope Lucia A. 14 f     Vermont
Rope Julia D. 10 f     Vermont
Rope Giles W. 7 m     Vermont
Rope Calista G. 4 f     Vermont
Rope Elbridge 3 m     Vermont
Rope John H. 7/12 m     Vermont
Patch Elivin H. 22 m laborer   New Hampshire
Blair Margaret 16 f     Vermont
Caledonia Peacham          
Blair George D. 35 m tailor   Scotland
Blair Nancy 31 f     N.U.
Blair Mary 12 f     Scotland
Blair Robert 10 m     Scotland
Caledonia Ryegate          
Henderson William Jr. 36 m farmer 1,200 Scotland
Henderson Hannah 34 f     Vermont
Henderson William 10 m     Vermont
Henderson Isabella 8 f     Vermont
Henderson John 7 m     Vermont
Henderson David B. 5 m     Vermont
Henderson Jane G. 5 f     Vermont
Henderson Andrew 3 m     Vermont
Henderson Caroline 2 f     Vermont
Henderson Hannah 1/12 f     Vermont
Blair John 24 m farmer   Scotland
Simms Maria 23 f     Vermont
Chittenden Burlington          
Blair Abram 60 m laborer   Canada
Blair Mary Ann 55 f     Canada
Blair Mary 11 f     Vermont
Blair Clarissa 8 f     Vermont
Blair Abram Jr. 6 m     Vermont
Blair Mary Ann Jr. 5 f     Vermont
Blair Louisa 1 f     Vermont
Chittenden Burlington          
Blair John 50 m tailor   England
Blair Sarah B. 49 f     Ireland
Blair Gilbert 13 m     N.Brunswick
Blair Margaret 6 f     N.Brunswick
Chittenden Burlington          
Blair Thomas 25 m laborer   Canada
Blair Harriet 27 f     Canada
Blair Mary 4/12 f     New York
Chittenden Mutton          
Blair John 30 m laborer 200 Ireland
Blair Elizabeth 26 f     Ireland
Blair Nelson 5 m     Vermont
Blair Thompson 3 m     Vermont
Blair Maria 1 f     Vermont
Chittenden Richmond          
Blair Alonzo 32 m farmer 250 Canada
Blair Deba 29 f     Canada
Preston ?? 77 f     Connecticut
Staples Joseph 17 m laborer   Vermont
Chittenden Shelburne          
Blair Levi L. 43 m farmer 4,800 Vermont
Blair Ann M. 37 f     Vermont
Blair Dorcus C. 13 f     Vermont
Blair George E. 6 m     Vermont
Conner Edmund 77 m farmer   Massachusetts
Blair Francis 77 m farmer   Massachusetts
Gillson Alvira H. 18 f     Vermont
Stapleton Patrick 27 m laborer   Ireland
Franklin Fletcher          
Blair Charles 30 m farmer   Vermont
Blair Anna P. 28 f     Vermont
Blair Delia L. 6 f     Vermont
Blair Noel B. 4 m     Vermont
Blair Anneth H. 3 f     Vermont
Blair Effa A. 1 f     Vermont
Squires Adelia 18 f     Vermont
Hawley Curtis F. 24 m medical Doctor   Vermont
Blair Elias 74 m farmer   Mass
Blair Lucy B. 41 f     Vermont
Franklin Fletcher          
Blair Elias Jr. 49 m farmer 5,000 Vermont
Blair Mary Ann 24 f     Vermont
Blair Charles 13 m     Vermont
Blair Arthur 2 m     Vermont
Smith Henry 14 m     Vermont
Franklin Georgia          
Blair Albert N. 44 m farmer 1,200 Vermont
Franklin Georgia          
Blair Augustus N. 37 m farmer 1,000 Vermont
Blair Catharine M. 39 f     Vermont
Blair Lucia R. 12 f     Vermont
Blair Delia V. 10 f     Vermont
Blair Ada L. 1 f     Vermont
Franklin Georgia          
Blair Horace P. 52 m physician   Massachusetts
Blair Susan C. 55 f     Vermont
Blair Mary Jane 23 f     Vermont
Blair Amanda 17 f     Vermont
Cotton Walter 86 m     Vermont
Orleans Jay          
Blair John 34 m farmer 1,500 Scotland
Blair Emeline 28 f     New Hampshire
Blair William L. 7 m     Vermont
Blair George D. 4 m     Vermont
Blair Enos 7/12 m     Vermont
Orleans Jay          
Blair Lucinda 38 f   1,000 New Hampshire
Blair Esther 15 f     Vermont
Blair Patience 13 f     Vermont
Blair Mary G. 12 f     Vermont
Blair Sophia 10 f     Vermont
Blair Guilford 8 m     Vermont
Blair Julia 6 f     Vermont
Sabins Abie 16 f     Vermont
Rutland Pitsford          
Blair David 34 m tailor 700 Scotland
Blair   33 f     Scotland
Blair Margaret 15 f     Scotland
Blair David 12 m     Scotland
Blair John 11 m     Scotland
Blair Joseph 8 m     Vermont
Blair James 5 m     Vermont
Washington Waitsfield          
Blair Andrew 40 m butcher   Ireland
Blair Betsy 27 f     Ireland
Blair Andrew 4 m     Vermont
Palmer Mary A. 19 f     Vermont
Washington Waitsfield          
Blair James 39 m farmer 200 Vermont
Blair Nancy 32 f     Vermont
Blair Lucy A. 13 f     Vermont
Blair James 11 m     Vermont
Blair Janett 9 f     Vermont
Blair Mary 8 f     Vermont
Blair David 5 m     Vermont
Blair Nathaniel 2/12 m     Vermont
Windham Battleborough          
Blair George 80 m     Vermont


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