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Blair Census Data contains information gathered from on-line census images. I used the Census Indexes to locate the individuals listed on the following pages. I'm sure there are some individuals who have been overlooked, as some of my own Blairs were not in the indexes. If you know of any Blairs missing from these lists, please contact me at Vermont Blairs with as much information as you have, and I will try to locate them and update the listings.

Currently I have uploaded the 1790 through 1860 censuses. As I get the time, I will add others to the site.

 1790 Census   1800 Census   1810 Census   1820 Census 
 1830 Census   1840 Census   1850 Census   1860 Census 

What's My Name?, a paid subscription service, is the source of my census records.  They offer the 1790 through 1930 censuses, all fully indexes and searchable. Other paid subscription services also offer some or all of the 1790 through 1930 censuses.

Indexed and searchable census records are one of the greatest boons to genealogical research. Simply type in your ancestor's name and where he lived and BINGO, there he is. But wait, he doesn't show up. You know your gr-gr-grandfather Alexander Blair lived in Barnet Vermont in 1860. All of your research points to this. Could all that hard work be wrong? Don't throw your research away just yet, it could be right.

Indexes are created by human beings, like you and me, who sit down with the actual census records or images (I don't know which) and create the index based on what they see or think they see. I think it's an understatement to say that many of the actual records or images are very hard to read. It's obvious that good penmanship was NOT a requirement to becoming a census taker.

The bottom line is that there are many errors in interpreting the spelling of names. In the case of Blairs, I now have 19 different name variations I check: BLAIR, BLAIN, BLAIS, BLAR, BLAN, BLAS, BLAIRE, BLAINE, BLAISE, BLAER, BLAEN, BLAES, BLARE, BLANE, BLASE, FLAIR, KLAIR, PLAIR, and RLAIR.

Back to our gr-gr-grandfather Alexander Blair who lived in Barnet Vermont in 1860. After checking the variations in spelling we find Alex Blais listed in Barnet, Caledonia Co., Vermont, along with is his wife and two sons. Your research was right after all.


This Website was last updated 04/05/2015

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